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The team welcomes every player who is tired of looking for servers worthy of his precious time.

We have collected and taken into account the many wishes of the players, turning them into a single concept aimed at solo players and respect for the old traditions of the game.
Our team has made sure that your game is comfortable and does not require any investment.
We are waiting for you on our project, which we built for the soul.

The old type of Silkroad Gameplay that makes you feel that it's your old beloved home, it will also fill you with positive emotions.

Achieving the nostalgia is painstaking work and requires considerable experience, skill and economic knowledge of the game. It will not be easy for donate lovers, since these things will never be pay to win."

Retro Fire Features

The best in 2023!

2 000 dollars for opening giveaways!
Free Silk is available by voting/activites!
Unique and free for all!
Epic uniques according to the official gameplay!
Special attention to solo players / starter items!